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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rewrites & Resales

Rewriting is a major edit. It is also the source of additional income for freelancers who sell an original article. If you rewrite that piece, maybe giving it a new slant, you can sell it again as a different story. No, you don't just change a certain percentage, you rewrite the whole article, emphasizing a different aspect, drawing in unused research material, getting fresh quotes from experts.

Successful freelancer Marcia Peterson calls this "repurposing" articles in her "How 2 Successfully Repurpose Your Articles" on the WOW website.  She says, "There are very few stories that fit only one market, so brainstorm all the possible angles..." and tells you how to:

Alter the original work for a larger or smaller market.
Explore new demographics.
Switch genres or styles.
Get creative.

Read the whole article and notice how she draws on resources and advice from other freelancers, providing examples of writers who succeed at rewriting their works and selling them to different markets.  Why do it?  You've already performed the basic research and are familiar with the topic--time saved is also money earned!

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