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Writing for web pages is different from all other types of writing.You need to know about certain special requirements to provide the viewers with the best possible experience of your content. There are pitfalls to avoid and practices that are much better to use than the ordinary ones for the kind of writing you've been doing for print media.

This guide takes you through the complicated process of getting a website built and then doing the writing for web pages - on your site or for others. It also provides valuable tips on how to make the most effective use of your writer's or book's website. Three divisions are structured with Step by Step sections and checklists for the more complex parts. Table of Contents:

* Foreword
* Section One: Building Websites for Writers
* Chap. 1. Creating Effective Websites
* Chap. 2. Step by Step
* Chap. 3. Website Checklist
* Section Two: Using Sites Effectively
* Chap. 4. Overview of Effective Use
* Chap. 5. Step by Step
* Chap. 6. Website Use Checklist
* Section Three: Writing for Websites
* Chap. 7. About Web Writing
* Chap. 8. Step by Step
* Chap. 9. Summary

No one has been more amazed than I that the bestsellers in my Kindle bibliography are the book reviews. This first collection includes the three top selling reviews and represents a quick method for readers to acquire an idea of my reading tastes and reviewing style.

Different versions of these book reviews appear in diverse locations on the Internet. The ones in this collection have been edited (again!) and updated, and they display the covers of the editions that I reviewed. In some instances I've provided links to the authors' websites that were active when this version was published. This compilation of eight of my book reviews includes:


Review of UNFORGIVABLE by Philippe Djian
Review of THE BOOK OF CHAMELEONS by Jose Eduardo Agualusa
Review of THE DANTE CLUB by Matthew Pearl


Review of THE GENIUS IN ALL OF US by David Shenk
Review of THE HINDUS by Wendy Doniger
Review of THE MAN WHO LOVED BOOKS TOO MUCH by Allison Bartlett
Review of ARIEL RESTORED by Sylvia Plath

Total value of these reviews if purchased singly is almost $25 and include both American and foreign authors, fiction and nonfiction books ranging from imaginative novels to a scholarly treatise of critical literary importance.

This collection of updated reviews was specially prepared for this ebook service for those using the most recent Kindle navigation features. Also included are images of the original books' covers and links to relevant websites.

New edition of BASICS FOR BEGINNERS:  STARTING A WRITING CAREER  This second edition is reformatted for a better user experience, especially with navigation that might be available on your reader. It is also jazzed up with spicy and impertinent illustrations by Bonnie Boots.

Becoming a successful writer isn't a matter of just sitting down and writing (unless you're only doing it for fun). The writing life consists of about 40% writing, and the rest is devoted to business matters, marketing your creations, submissions processes, and self-promotional activities. BASICS FOR WRITERS covers the terminology, techniques and tools you'll need to succeed:

* fundamentals of copyright and plagiarism
* getting an agent (or not)
* formatting various types of manuscripts
* different kinds of publishing in the digital age
* dealing with defeat -- and reaching the goal
* writers groups, community and communication
* resources for finding who and what you need
* performing research necessary for fiction and nonfiction
* continuing your writing education

BASICS FOR WRITERS is loaded with up-to-date links to Internet websites that support every aspect of the writer's life. These references extend the book's information to higher levels of professionalism, databases of people related to the publishing industry, a multitude of resources to learn more about individual topics, and methods for integrating yourself into the larger community of writers world-wide.

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