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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to P. O. Clients

Writer or editor, you can piss off potential clients in a few easy steps. Create several websites and social media accounts. In each of them, offer something valuable for free ("click/download here"). Link that to an email marketing system which requires registration, or collect the email address up front in a form with the vague notation that they are agreeing to receive stuff from you.

Now you have a gullible sales prospect or "lead" who has agreed to receive your pitches (called "material" or "lessons" or "free report"). You can run them round and round with interconnected links.  Deliver the promised free material if they are able to contact you and ask for it, but send them to one of your sites first. You can't be accused of sending spam because they must opt in to your mailing list at some point, trying to obtain the originally-offered free material.

We all love getting something free, right?  What don't we love?  A free runaround that ends in us feeling like suckers! My fave is a "free coupon" and the only part that is free is the coupon.  Or a free dinner if you purchase another one. Call it a "twofer" up front, for heaven's sake!

For my "dear Internets" as Paige-the-Poet calls us: use a free email account in a fake name for such offers. Check it only when you expect to receive the freebie, and you can ignore or delete all the rest of the spam.  I like to use Gmail for its large capacity and versatility.  And it's *FREE*

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Blogger Rebecca said...

yep sounds like an excellent way to get "angry" and "irrate" people on your case... you are so right that would annoy me as well. I think I'll take your advice about a special email account.

10:33 AM  

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