Editorial Services
In compliance with my Preditors and Editors Recommended status, I offer:
  • sample edits of at least one page of my choosing
  • estimated time required, subject to plus or minus 10%
  • an editing plan prior to contract signing
  • a written contract specifying payment timing and amounts, editorial services to be performed, cancellations management, and a clear definition of any editing terminology, mileposts and deadlines

Email or call 858-571-5390 for details.

Complete editing services for individuals, publishers, websites, and businesses. Documents over 10 pages require paper copy in addition to an electronic file of the document.  Printing services and MS Word "Track Changes" features are available.

Selected Services

Publishing and Printing

Traditional and self-publishing assistance covering:

  • Hardbound, Paperback, ePublication
  • Formatting
  • File Conversions
  • Color and B&W
  • Graphics
  • ISBN Acquisition
  • Distribution
  • Cover design, art
  • Placement
  • Registrations
  • Full Layout Services
  • Complete publishing via Lightning Source (major POD printer)
  • Consultations on Publishing
  • Referrals for Ancillary Services

Read and Critique

Most often requested for fiction manuscripts, obtain a seasoned reader/writer's reactions to your work. Specific issues addressed as requested with a written report about the manuscript's weaknesses, strengths and improvement suggestions. Usual areas covered include:

  • Overall concept
  • Sentence structures
  • Paragraphing
  • Repetitions
  • Theme support
  • Editorial matters


Typographical errors are very difficult for the original writer to spot. A "second pair of eyes" is critical to preparing publishable writing of any kind. A typical proofreading includes correcting the following:

  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Spelling
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Verb tense


This hybrid editorial work ranges from polishing your prose, to deep editing, and embellishing existing material to working with a publisher or credited author to shape a book from conceptual start to end product, including research. This is a highly time- consuming and expensive service for nonfiction only.


Restructuring manuscripts to standards* for submission to agents, publishers and for various print and preparing the files required for electronic self-publishing services and devices. Each service has differing requirements for laying out documents and covers. Send a message for further information or an estimate to Email Address

* Book manuscripts, especially, require special formatting. This service ensures correct line spacing, number of words per page, margins, control of "widows and orphans," headers or running heads (for academic work or textbooks), indentations, footnotes, endnotes and index layouts, chapter titles, paragraph spacing, chapter spacing, title page layout, contact information and other elements affecting the appearance of your manuscript.

Line Editing or Copyediting

In addition to proofreading your text or manuscript, this service offers attention to deeper structural issues such as:

  • Syntax
  • Grammar
  • Clarity
  • Coherence
  • Style factors
  • Special concerns